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About Us

Together Expo Ltd., incorporated in 1992, was among the pioneers who brought to Mainland China a portfolio covering a spectrum of sectors – where more advanced technology was needed to modernize the Nation’s own industries. As China became the World Factory, energy and resources were vital to the country’s growth, Together consolidated its resources into the energy fields to stage Asia’s premier China Coal and Mining Expo and China’s only national scale geology show, both hosted in Capital Beijing.


In October 2023, China Coal and Mining Expo will mark its 20th edition, and with an unprecedented scale, it has successfully expanded its general mining representation. 

As the China’s Initiatives deepen to integrate the region’s economies through upgrading the infrastructure and tightening and broadening exchanges, Together Expo’s role to engage business and public communities worldwide culminates with the launch of OceanTech Program in May 2019.

Together has caught the wave as China ventured into the ocean that connects all the continents of the globe while the world is striving to unlock the ORE resources to build thriving sustainable economies. A world class platform in China’s largest archipelago secured at Zhejiang University Zhoushan Campus is dedicated to realize our Ocean Dreams.

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