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Going online, going hybrid –

enhancing exhibitor ROI at a changing and challenging time

In May 2021, Together Expo, working with UK’s Society of Maritime Industries (SMI) and leaders in underwater instrumentation technology Edgetech and Sonardyne, brought online elements to OceanTech Program (OT 2021) held at Ocean College, Zhejiang University’s Zhoushan Campus.

Sonardyne organized a remote demonstration and instruction to present their ocean science products from their test facility in Plymouth, United Kingdom, while Edgetech presented its 3400 Sub-Bottom Profiler and 4205 Tri-frequency Motion Tolerant Side Scan Sonar System live off the island, proximate to Zhejiang University’s Zhoushan campus in China.  Both events were assessable online.

A closed-door roundtable, led by industry guru Fang Li and his fellow panellists Dr Zhang Xueting, Hangzhou Dianzi University and Dr Huang Hui, Ocean College, Zhejiang University, was attended by SMI and its member companies Aluminium Marine Consultants, Autonaut Ltd, Chelsea Technologies, Nortek, HR Wallingford, RS Aqua, ServoWatch and Sonardyne to understand China’s ocean business going forward. 

劳雷海洋 - 新一代宽带调频FM地貌系统演示   2.jpg
劳雷海洋 - 新一代宽带调频FM地貌系统演示   1.jpg
OT 2021 - Remote Live Demo Uk - Sonardyne_edited.jpg
OT 2021 - Remote Live Demo - Sonardyne.jpg

In November 2021, China Coal and Mining Expo 2021 (CCME 2021) marked its historic moment by eclipsing its 3-decade records at a grand opening ceremony in Beijing on October 26, 2021, defying unprecedented challenges cast by COVID 19 outbreaks.

CCME 2021, for the first time, occupied all eight halls of New China International Exhibition Center, extending to an outdoor arena, covered with 110,000 square meters of exhibits. The show, breaking its records of both scale and exhibitor number, welcomed 800 exhibitors from 16 countries and regions, with domestic companies joined by their peers from Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, the United States, etc.

Concurrent events of China Coal & Mining Summit and a number of technical seminars were held at the same venue.  The video address by Klaus Stöckmann from VDMA Mining in Frankfurt, virtual meetings and other internet enabled solutions to enhance exhibitor ROI offered at CCME 2021 set the president for CCME’s incipient hybrid show model.

Flying Cam - CCME 2021 Technical Seminar.JPG
13 Registration Hall S at China Coal & Mining Expo.jpg
8 Flexco at China Coal & Mining Expo.JPG
Klaus Stockmann -VDMA - Conference CCME 2021.png
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